1. What are the eligibility for admission ?

Ans – Anybody after the age of 13th can join this course.

2. Who can join this course?

Ans – Anybody having the basic computer knowledge can join this.

3. Is Programming Languages necessary for Ethical Hacking training?

Ans – Frankly speaking NO, Because there are lots of programming languages and everybody is a beginner in this field and already there are lots of tools and operation system like kali Linux & Parrots os is already available. So better to learn Ethical Hacking From basic.

Programming Languages is for Developers, if you want to make your own software or tools then better to learn Python & Ruby Languages.

4. Is English necessary for learning Ethical Hacking?

Ans – No, student can learn from local languages also, but most of the tutorials and books are in English language.

5. Is Highly Configured P.C necessary for learning Ethical Hacking?

Ans – No, student can use simple configured computer also. Even now a days IOT Devices like Resberry Pie is also available at low cost.

6. Is there any job opportunity in this field?

Ans – There are lots of jobs are available in Cyber Security but we need many more skills apart from Ethical Hacking for getting a job. Like Speaking Skill, Physical Appearance, College Degree, Certificate Etc.

7. What types of Documents needed for Admission?

Ans – Aadhar Card, Metric Certificate, College Id Card ( If Available ) & Recent Photograph.

8. What will students get after completion of Course?

Ans – Student will get Certificate, Books, E-books, Videos & DVD Toolkits.